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Here is no doubt that you have always wished that you could travel to exotic countries and experience their culture while you learn their language but in reality, you may be stuck in a full time job, unable to get out because you are so dependent on the wages that you earn from your full time job that you dislike so much. The truth is, you are not alone. Many young people suffer the same plight as you because of the very high costs of living in this modern day. This said however, if you are creative enough and if you are able to take a risk, you should consider either taking some unpaid time off work or even quit your job if you think you can get employment easily so that you can travel and make your dreams come true.

Earning while on holiday

The great news is that there are many ways in which you can earn money while you travel which means that you will not have to spend any money off your savings. All you will need is to buy a USA sim card Australia that is data enabled so that you can have a live video blog of all of your travels. Websites like Youtube allow you to earn money for every view that you get which means you can earn money without even trying too hard if you put up interesting content.

Have a blog

It is not just video blogs that earn money. You can also have a regular blog where you can take pictures of your travels and write about your experiences. It is vital that you make sure that the prepaid international sim card that you buy has enough of internet on it to last your entire trip.You can also save money on your accommodation by couch surfing or finding places to stay on websites like airbnb which will cost you almost nothing.One great idea is to focus on things that people want to see. As an example, the growing community of vegans always want to know what vegan options are available to them in different locations and restaurants in the world. Therefore, if you are travelling around the United States of America, make it a point to do a video about the different vegan options available at the places that you eat and you are guaranteed to be able to increase your views because the vegans travelling to those locations will look your video up and share it among their communities and Facebook groups helping to increase your views. Visit to check out the best travel sim for europe and read more reviews regarding prepaid international SIM card.

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