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Mobile phones invaded the world of communication in 20th century. The early ones had no thrilling features. Just a few buttons with numbers to click and a boring black and white screen to catch up with the things. The sole purpose was to stay connected with the loved ones who were away. The systems started developing and better products started coming. The button phones were soon replaced by the touchphones that were known as the smartphones. They had better operating systems, better graphics, and had many apps to help the user. With Apple creations the things became more sophisticated. The iPhone is an innovative and more sophisticated choice for those who cannot stay away from the mobile phones if something happen you can consult from Baldivis phone repair. The mobile phone experts suggest that iPhone is a better choice than the android phones because of the following reasons:

1. User friendly features

iPhone is not something that is from a distant world. The company makes sure that it has all the features that you are aware of. Apple believes in perfection and so they ensure that unlike Android all the apps are configured perfectly well so that each element works perfectly as well. The launchers are different for the Android and the iPhone. The different iPhone versions have similar operational features therefore it ensures consistency. With android phones this consistency cannot be achieved as each phone has its own launcher and service provider. The users don’t find this predictable enough but the situation is vice a versa in case of the iPhones.

2. Diversity of Apple Store

The Apple store comes with several amazing apps and add-ons. The user can even improve the camera results by getting attachable lenses etc. the health and fitness freaks can find amazing apps to monitor their health and fitness through the apps available on the Apple store. The quality of these apps is far more than the usual Android apps.

3. Settings

People with special needs like limited vision, slow motor responses and other physical weaknesses love getting an iPhone due to the accessibility feature specially meant for these users. From adjusting the screen light to the sharpness of the image there are multiple settings available in the iPhone. The light can be adjusted in such a way that the people around you are not bothered at the night while you are working. Thus, the customization of the features and the settings makes iPhone a great choice for all kinds of users. Link here will help you to have a good condition of your iPhone.

4. Supports the latest

MS Office version Most of the Android users have got Microsoft Office 365 on their system. It is considered as something very useful especially for those who keep working all day round. If these android users have to switch to some other device, they feel uncomfortable with the thought that they have to switch to another version of MS office. Apple has made the task easier. There is no longer any stress of this kind. iPhones are offering their users the ease to carry out their work with the amazing features of Microsoft Office 365. This is a real treat that is allowing users to feel at home even when they are away from the workplace and on the wheels.

5. Stay safe

With people reporting security issues with their gadgets iPhones have the solutions. They ensure maximum freedom, ease but at the same time give the confidence to the users that their data is safe. It is true that not everyone can handle the phone repair matters dealing with IPhone but still it is far better than many androids.

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